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„Suvartukas“ - is the oldest group both in the town and the region.
The first steps of creative work were made in 1947 when 8 girls dressed in national costumes danced, later men joined them. 
At present the group consists of four subgroups: dancers, musicians, singers.
The biggest one is the dancer’s subgroup.

The success of „SUVARTUKAS“ program is based on the national pieces applied for performance on the stage at a high artistic level. Lithuanian dances and songs applied for the stage are like a connection between the past and the present, serving as one of the ways to preserve one's identity on the wave of cosmopolitan culture. This was instinctively noticed by the „SUVARTUKAS“ creators 60 years ago. The dances performed by „SUVARTUKAS“ are rich of ethnography, Lithuanian traditions, colors, forms, some classical elements and reflections of our daily life.

The repertoire consists of Samogitian dances with clogs, games of shepherds, various polkas.
Country side music orchestra consists of 10 professional musicians who play traditional Lithuanian instruments such as reed-pipes, panpipes as well as violins, contrabass, accordion, trumpet, clarinet, drums.
The singers assist the dancers and also sing many beautiful songs, which impart liveliness to our performances and enrich the everyday life of the ensemble.

Successors of ‘Suvartukas’ are  members of  “ LITTLE  SUVARTUKAS”. The group was established in 2000. The dancers are aged 6 - 16. Most of them carry on the traditions of their parents , cherish the folk art. At present the group consists of 100 members. Little dancers cause joy not only for residents of Plunge. Groups of children successfully appeared in the festival of songs of World Lithuanian and the State festival of songs of schoolchildren in 2003 ,2005, 2007  yearly festivals of songs and dances of Telsiai county. In 2004-2006-2008 organized project “ Children of March 11” to honour  the Independence  day. In 2004 and 2008  the dancers of “ Little Suvartukas” became prize-winners of the state festival –contest  of dancing children “Aguonele “.In 2007 childrens group get the award as the best amateur group in Lithuania – Golden Bird.

During it’s almost 60 years of activity the group has visited many countries of the world. They gave concerts in Estonia, Latvia, Czechia , Poland, Bulgaria,  Georgia, Algeria (1982), Portugal (1984), Hungary (1987), Cuba (1989),Norway (1994), Spain (1995) Melbourne  Australia (1996), San Maurice France (1998),Germany (2000,Wales (2001),   38th International folk festival in Zagreb  Croatia (2004). the International folk festival „Trentino Mondial Folk“ Coredo  and Sappada (Italy 2005)  Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod- 2006 (Wales) and   festival in Pefki (Greece 2006), ), Internacional Children folk festival in Istambul (2007) and in Side 2008 (Turkey ).The  project ”Jouth European mirror 2008” (Tukums,Latvia). International folk festival in Veliko Gorice - 2008 (Croatia).